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by admin - August 23rd, 2010
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A handsome construction guy was captivated by several naughty girls that had to stay late at work. Obviously they wanted to punish him and to make him feel as humble and miserable as it was possible. They stripped him naked and began spanking his ass and stroking his cock. They didn’t stop until the guy exploded and covered his stomach with his own sticky cum. That was the guy’s first cfnm experience and he would never forget it.
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Embarrassed schoolboy getting a cfnm lesson

by admin - August 23rd, 2010
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This embarrassed schoolboy was too naughty and playful during the lesson and his severe teacher decided to give them a lesson of punishment and humbleness. She forced him to take off his uniform and started to spunk his naked ass before a couple of laughing girls. The guy felt very humiliated but that was not the end. A teacher took a strap-on in her hands and he got his virgin ass fucked hard.

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Hardcore cfnm medical examination

by admin - August 23rd, 2010
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When that guy stepped into the surgery for a medical examination he couldn’t suppose what kind of examination was expected for him! He was forced to pull down all his clothes and two nasty female doctors thoroughly examined his naked body including his tight asshole and cock. The guy felt embarrassed and humiliated but he also felt that his cock was getting bigger and harder during that examination. Nasty female chicks also noticed his rock solid cock and shocked the guy starting to suck his dick and then forcing to fuck their sexy round butts.

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Dancing bear cfnm party in the office

by admin - August 23rd, 2010
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Lusty office women have got bored and wanna someone to entertain them. Sure, there is a way to relax. They order a striptease dancer in the costume of a bear and the real fun begins! Soon the stripteaser loses his costume and the nasty office chicks can enjoy her hot naked body and his huge tasty cock bouncing before their cock-hingry mouths and inviting them to suck it.

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Female guards dominate male prisoners

by admin - August 23rd, 2010
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Have you ever thought what brutal female guards usually do with their male prisoners? I have. No doubt, nasty emales want strengthen themselves and try to dominate their prisoners and to make them feel as humiliated as it’s only possible. Men have no choice and are forced to endure regular examinations of their hot naked bodies and to do just everything they are ordered to do including forced cfnm jerking off and blowjob.

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